Myths About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis has become quite a misunderstood medical condition. This has led to a number of misinformation of the debilitating disease that has kept a lot of people in fear, all for the wrong reasons. Here are some myths that have been wandering around for a long time now that people should finally know about.

"Multiple Sclerosis is a fatal disease."

There are people who think that having MS is already like having a death sentence. Studies have shown this to be not the case. Multiple sclerosis in itself may not be such a fatal disease if it is treated at its early stages.

Most of the deaths caused by MS are due to complications that happen in the advanced and progressive stages of the disease. Early treatment may help prevent these complications from happening.

"People with MS will eventually end up in a wheelchair."

Although MS is considered as a debilitating disease, it may not be fair to conclude that everyone who suffers from it would end up in a wheelchair. People with MS might need a wheelchair at times because they might find it hard to walk.

But it would not mean that they would lose their mobility that way in the end. MS sufferers need not be wheelchair bound all the time. It is just a way to conserve energy sometimes as most may still have the ability to walk.

"People with MS should stop working."

Just because people are suffering from Ms does not necessarily mean that they have to stop working. The symptoms that MS may show can make it a hindrance to work at time. But it should not be the reason why one should stop working altogether.

People with MS may stop work, but it should not hinder them from being productive. If MS might prove to be a hindrance, a career change may be an exciting opportunity to consider. MS sufferers can exchange a physically draining job for something that may require less effort but might give just about the same kind of fulfillment.

"With enough willpower, you can cure MS."

Although willpower can get MS sufferers through very tough times, it is in no way enough to cure the condition. As of the present, there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis.

The symptoms that sufferers experience may lead them to think that it might be al in their head and can go away with the right amount of willpower.

In fact, such symptoms, without the right kind of treatment, won’t go away and would just get worse.


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