Symptoms of Andropause

What is male menopause?

Andropause is considered to be the male counterpart of menopause in women. It is a condition in which men begin to experience a gradual decrease in the production of the male hormone testosterone. This usually happens as men begin to age. The hormone testosterone is responsible for giving men deep voices, increased muscle mass, and produce facial and body hair patterns common in males.

What are the symptoms of male menopause?

As men experience advancing age, the level of testosterone in the body and production of sperm gradually lessens. This leads to distinct physical and psychological changes as a result of these low levels. This is considered as a normal part of the natural aging process. It is estimated that testosterone levels begin to decrease by about 10 percent for every decade after men reach 30 years of age.

The gradual decrease of testosterone levels allows a considerable number of men not experience common symptoms that are associated with andropause, not unlike a majority of women during menopause. About 30 percent of men will experience the symptoms brought about by andropause and the low levels of testosterone in the body. Men experiencing andropause may also be at risk of experiencing other serious health conditions if not given proper treatment.

Along with the decrease of testosterone levels, men may also experience an increase in the production of SHBG or sex binding hormone globulin. This hormone takes up and uses the available testosterone in the blood. What testosterone is left is what is made available to the rest of the body. And with lesser testosterone to work with, tissues stimulated by the male hormone feel the shortage of its supply and thus leads to certain physical and mental changes such as fatigue and mood swings.

Andropause can cause certain symptoms in men. One of the most common is the lowering of sex drive in men. Men begin to feel the difficulty of getting and maintaining erections. People also begin to feel a lack of energy and depression. Men begin to experience some gradual loss of muscle mass along with physical strength. Men with andropause may also begin to experience an increase in body fat.