Treatment of Andropause

Diagnosing andropause usually starts with looking for symptoms that are associated with people with low testosterone hormone levels. It is then followed by a blood test to check testosterone levels. And since there are other conditions that may bring about low testosterone levels such as hypogonadism, doctors usually do additional tests to rule out other possibilities before diagnosing andropause.

What’re the treatment options for andropause?

When a man has been diagnosed with having andropause, doctors may also provide certain treatments that may help alleviate the condition. One of the most common is the testosterone replacement therapy. Replacing testosterone in the blood provides some relief from the symptoms that are associated with andropause. This may further lead to an improved quality of life for men. This may be further improved if combined with certain lifestyle changes such as better diet, stress reduction and increased exercise.

Testosterone replacement therapy can be given in a variety of ways. There are several options available for men experiencing andropause. The physician would be likely to determine the best option for treatment and will consider one’s lifestyle to make such a decision. One of the options available is through application of testosterone skin patches.

People getting testosterone through skin patches absorb the hormone through the skin. This allows a steady and slow release of the hormone into the blood stream that helps prevent the symptoms that come with drastic changes in testosterone levels. The skin patches are usually applied once a day in a dry area of the skin usually in the abdomen, upper arms or thighs.

Another treatment option includes the use of testosterone gels. This is also applied to the skin, usually on the arms. But because it may be easy for other people to transfer the hormone to others by skin contact, it is important for users to wash their hands thoroughly after using the testosterone gel to prevent its contact with other people. Capsules also provide a more convenient option as testosterone treatment for people with andropause. But this type of treatment may not be considered for people with liver problems or liver disease, serious heart and kidney conditions as well as men with too much calcium in the blood. Testosterone capsules are usually taken twice a day after meals.

Then there is also a treatment for andropause that involve testosterone injections. This is provided as a series of injections of the testosterone hormone in the muscles every three to four weeks. This type of treatment may cause symptoms such as mood swings due to sudden changes in the testosterone levels. Like the testosterone capsules, this type of treatment is not considered for people with serious liver, heart and kidney problems as well as those with too much calcium in the blood.