Diabetes Checkups: Why You Need Them?

Keeping your diabetes under control can easily be achieved by undergoing yourself into a lot of tests. Managing your diseases means lowering your chance of getting other health-related problems. Keeping all your doctor’s appointments and fully trusting his/her recommendations is necessary for leading a healthy life.

Be reminded that diabetes can affect every part of your body, so you won’t be surprised if your doctor will routinely order some of these tests:

Hemoglobin AIC (HBA 1c) is a blood test for determining the amount og sugar in your blood for the past two or three months which will help your doctor determine if your treatment plan is working.

Blood Pressure test measures the pressure of blood against your veins and arteries. Heart disease, strokes and kidney disease can be resulted from a high blood pressure.

Fasting Lipid Profile is a test that measures the total cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood, as well as showing if your arteries are getting clogged. Prior this test, refrain from eating or drinking anything but water for at least 8 hours.

Microalbumin or Urine Protein test will determine whether protein gets developed in your urine due to high blood sugar, and/or high blood pressure. Provided that protein has developed, a sign that your kidneys are being affected by diabetes can be concluded. 

You and your doctor will choose a healthy weight to help you control your blood sugar and stay close to your target.

Dental Exam to check whether your diabetes has made your dental problems worse. It’s important to meet your dentist at least twice a year.

Dilated Eye Exam is the checking of blood vessels in the back of your eye using a bright light. With this, eye problems can be treated to prevent loss of vision.

Foot exam will check your feet for ulcers, blisters, cuts, tingling, and numbness.