Eating Out When you Have Diabetes

Being afflicted with diabetes should not be a reason for one not to have fun, be with family and friends, and most especially, eat out. Here are some guidelines on how to have that required healthy lifestyle while not missing the fun times.

Plan ahead

It is all a matter of looking ahead. All that practice at home of carbohydrate counting and portion sizing could come in handy when you are out in a restaurant. Some adjustments are just needed either in your serving size or in the timing of your meals. Also consider the time for your medication. If possible, make appointments around your eating schedule.

Check portion sizes

The idea with eating out is that the diabetic is not required to eat everything that is on his plate. There are ways to circumvent this without putting food to waste. It would be easier if you are eating buffet since you are the one who would be serving to yourself. If food would be served to you, you could request the waiter for a smaller serving or have the rest be placed in a take home bag or share it with a companion.


If possible, ask for food substitutes that would fit your diet. For example, if you need to consume alcohol, go for light beer. Go far baked potato instead of french fries. Choose a condiment that would not go against your diet, or preferably, avoid any form of add-on.

Tell your concerns

As mentioned a number of times already, having a detailed discussion with companions and with the waiter help a lot. If you could, talk to the chef about your concerns. You could also request that your meal be prepared a certain, for example, have it broiled or steamed instead of fried. They are more than likely to accommodate you since you are the customer.


It is all right to give yourself a treat once in a while, like dessert. Just make sure to make up for it in the succeeding days and return to normal consumption so as to not to tip the balance in your diet.


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