Weight Watchers for Men

Men’s bodies work differently compared to women. For one, they tend to lose weight faster but they are not as devoted when it comes to dieting and exercise. With that in mind, Weight Watchers has devised a new version of their 45-year-old program aimed just for men.

What is Weight Watchers diet?

Weight Watchers for men works similarly to the traditional program that a lot of women have been following religiously, from the meetings to the Web-only program. The male diet program is also customizable according to your daily lifestyle.

Weight Watchers has been an effective dieting tool because it does not restrict the foods that you eat, but rather the food portions and the frequency of eating. It also provides an exercise guideline as well as meal plans, weight tracker, and other helpful tools.

How Weight Watchers for men work?

The lack of restrictions on food is what makes men follow Weight Watcher. They know that a cup of yogurt and a small plate of salad would not do the trick. They can still have their favorite burgers and pizza, but following the program would provide them with a different view on food and the calories they contain. Weight Watchers has also one of the largest recipe databases, letting them customize their meal plans, the restaurants they visit, and the recipes they can prepare.

Just like its meal plan, the fitness plan is also customizable to suit the needs of every guy. Weight Watchers for Men is designed to accommodate all fitness levels and need. Each workout is designed specifically to target key muscles and endurance. They know that buns and thighs are the least of their concerns.

Problem with Weight Watchers diet

The only obstacles that confront men who want to lose inches off their belly using Weight Watchers are the tedious point counting and the weekly membership fees. However, paying the rates can be achieved by simply giving up one beer or a fast food combo for a week.

The Weight Watchers for Men program is an ideal solution for guys who are ready to take on his pounds and win the battle of the bulge.