Symptoms of Diabetic Complications

Diabetes can be a dangerous disease mostly because of the many complications that may possible occur. The changes may be brought by the disease can lead to instability of the hormone productions that will greatly affect the normal functions of the body. Once the changes that happen become permanent, it can develop into a number of diabetes complications that can be indicated by a number of symptoms.

The body provides a number of symptoms that may tell a person of diabetes complications already developing in the body. One of the most alarming symptoms of diabetes complications is diabetic retinopathy. This is the damage to the retina caused by diabetes milletus. This may be characterized by pain in the eyes and blurry vision which may further lead to blindness.

Another symptom of diabetic complication can occur in the kidney. Diabetes may bring about the risk of developing renal disease especially on the later stages. Symptoms of this complication may show itself when swelling in the feet and legs are experienced due to fluid retention. This may then go through the whole body as the diabetes progresses which may also bring about an increase in blood pressure.

Another symptom of diabetic complication includes numbing, tingling and burning sensations in the hands. Some might also experience some stabbing and shooting pain in the other extremities as well as other parts of the body. Some diabetics may also experience having digestive problems if the disease damage have reached the nerves that control the internal organs.

Other diabetes complications and symptoms that people may experience include profuse sweating and incontinence. As the disease progresses, diabetics tend to have a difficulty in sensing if their bladder is full. Other symptoms of diabetic complications include decreased sexual drive, fatigue, dizziness and loss of concentration. Chest pain and shortness of breath would also be possible symptoms that will indicate diabetes complications.

Diabetics at the later stages would experience frequent dizziness and light headaches, stomach or shoulder pain that is due also to experiencing an increase in heartbeat. Such complication will usually result as a heart attack or a stroke if the symptoms are not taken cared of. These symptoms if detected earlier may be able to alarm diabetics of what is happening in their bodies. When such symptoms are ignored, they can quickly lead to various organ damage. Immediate treatment may help rectify the situation and may help diabetics in trying to avoid the complications for as long as possible.