Baby Eye Color

baby eye colorDetermining the eye color of one’s offspring, it seems, entails genetics and some luck. As much as dominant and recessive genes play a major part, the parents of both spouses included, there are also other factors put into consideration, and then there are other things that only nature could explain for now.

Using Mendelian inheritance rules, eye color inheritance is similar with the way offspring inherit hair colors. In these cases, genes for darker colors are usually dominant. Common sense dictates that parents with a specific eye color gets to pass their eye colors to their children. However, determining what eyes your child would have is a lot more hit and miss as compared to hair color.

As mentioned, eye color also considers the grandparent’s genes. Other than that, eye color usually changes through time. Some start out with a certain hue when they are young then the shade of their eyes gradually change when they get older either through natural progression or some external factor like change in quality of eyesight or some serious physical injury.

Although the main colors are brown, green, and blue, there are still some other shades to take account of like hazel, grey, even red.

Location could also play a role with one’s eye color. In some countries, certain eye colors are a majority. For example, Asians tend to have brown eyes, and in some places, green eyes are almost nonexistent.

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