Cosmetic Nose Surgery for Men

Among the types of cosmetic procedures being carried on male patients, nose jobs are the most popular. With that in mind, it is very important for men who are interested in changing the shape and appearance of their noses about the procedures, recovery times, costs, and risks involved in rhinoplasty.

Initial consultation

Do not jump right away and get a nose job from whoever surgeon you can find. A highly-qualified cosmetic surgeon should discuss with you about what you want and your expectations about the results, as well as your fitness level and medical history. The surgeon would even tell you about how he will get the best results for you using computer imaging or simply drawing over a photo of you to help you have an idea of the final result.

When to take a nose job

Men can have rhinoplasty at least the age of 15, mainly because their bodies do not stop changing until they are older. It is actually advisable for boys wanting to have a nose job to wait until they are 18, when the growth spurt has slowed down a bit. In that way, the patient would also avoid unnecessary surgery because the problem may just be a passing phase.

Cost of rhinoplasty

Costs vary depending on the doctor, the complexity of the surgery, and the location. The whole operation may require approximately $4,000 plus the cost of anesthesia, hospital stay, and operation room fees. Do note that most nose jobs-especially those of the cosmetic kind-are not covered by health insurance.

How it is done

Cosmetic nose surgery can be done to the patient under general anesthesia or local anesthetic depending on the extent of the surgery as well as the patient’s personal preference. The procedure comes in two types: closed and open techniques.

The open technique requires cutting across the skin between the nostrils, which is easier for the surgeon to work on but the swelling may take quite some time to subside. Meanwhile, the closed technique does not require an incision on the outer tissues of the nose and is quicker to heal. Surgery can take between one to two hours.

Taking care after surgery

Minimal pain can be felt once the anesthetics subside after surgery, although it can be controlled by analgesics. Nose reduction or reshaping may require a splint to support the shape until it heals. Stitches will have to be removed after three to five days.

Swelling will be present for several weeks, which will subside gradually. Meanwhile, cold compresses may help reduce swelling around the eyes. The length of time needed to heal depends on the individual’s healing ability. During this period, sunscreen should be applied on the nose, and numbness can occur at first.


As with any surgical procedures with anesthetics, some problems may ensue, a small percentage of which can be serious. Possible complications include infection, scarring, numbness, and unsatisfactory results.


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