Cosmetic Surgery Recommendations by Age

Cosmetic surgery can be age sensitive. There are several procedures that may be done only at a certain age in order to be effective. Depending on a woman’s age, plastic surgery options and results may also differ. One cosmetic procedure may be more suitable at a certain age than with others. Here are the recommended cosmetic procedures for certain age groups.

Teen Years

Teenagers have limited options when it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures. Oftentimes cosmetic procedures done on teens are those that are meant to correct certain physical features but are not meant to change them. Such procedures include otonoplasty which deals with setting the ears back closer to the head. Some teens may also opt for having nose jobs done.

20’s – 30’s

Women at this point of their life usually may not need cosmetic surgery done except for the more serious physical issues. Skin and beauty maintenance through a healthy lifestyle may do just fine in trying to improve outer physical features. But for women who love to change some parts of their body, it is usually the chest or the fat accumulation that begins at this age. Women may opt for liposuction, breast augmentation as well as several skin care procedures.


Women in their forties may begin to see the outer evidence of aging. Skin flexibility may begin to deteriorate gradually, resulting in more wrinkles where it should not belong. For this, surgeons may need to provide a more invasive approach to skin treatments which means a more surgical approach to getting rid of wrinkles. Moreso with women in their 50’s where facial aging becomes more of the concern.

60’s and Above

Women at this age are considered to be good candidates for plastic surgery. Although most cosmetic procedures can be done at any age, women in their 60’s may require a thorough medical examination with their doctor to ensure that they are indeed safe and in good health to recover from such operations.