Living With a Bipolar Spouse

Bipolar disorder is a difficult illness to deal with. Not only can it be difficult for the sufferer, bipolar disorder can also be a challenge to the people living with a person who has it. And for a person living with a bipolar partner, it can really be hard to come to terms with the said illness.

A person diagnosed with bipolar disorder can find it hard to accept and may go through some form of denial. A husband or a wife diagnosed with the illness can feel sorry for their partners and may even feel doubly depressed.

As a couple placed in a difficult situation brought about by bipolar disorder, it is important that both should try to work together to come to terms with the illness. This includes being their for each other during its treatment as well as trying to understand each other’s circumstances. For partners living with bipolar disorder sufferers, here are some things that will help life become more manageable:

Try to learn more about the illness

People with bipolar disorders need to be understood. In order for their partners to do this, they should try to learn more about the condition, its causes and how it can be treated. This can be done through research as well as by talking to the doctor. Having a knowledge of bipolar disorder can hep partners understand what their loved ones are going though and how they can provide much needed help during treatment.

Learn to recognize the symptoms

People with bipolar disorder can either have episodes of depression or mania or somewhere in between. The mood swings can usually be noticed earlier by the partner than by the sufferer themselves. Partners knowing how to recognize the signs can help sufferers get the treatment needed as early as possible without going through much of the stress and experience that goes with such mood episodes.

Try to be supportive when it comes to treatment

People with bipolar disorders can go through such a difficult phase when undergoing treatment. Partners should try to always be supportive enough to help them make it through. Encouragement can work well to make patient continue through the sometimes difficult treatment. Partners can also help the patient keep up the treatment schedule such as going to appointments, monitoring medication use.

Partners can also help keep an eye on safety

Bipolar disorder can be a violent illness, both to the patient as well as to their partners and loved ones. Overseeing safety issues associated with bipolar disorder can be a valuable task that a patient’s loved ones can act upon.


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