The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

organic foodThere are benefits of eating organic foods. It has been long known that foods grown and produced the organic way has quite a lot of benefits to offer. With the increasing prevalence if many illnesses that seem to follow the consumption of conventional foods, more and more people are switching to the organic alternative. But what really are these benefits?

What is organic?

With most of the food available today are produced and processed by conventional means, a lot of people seem confused of what "organic" really means. Organic food is simply different types of food that are grown without the use of conventional pesticides, fertilizers and other man-made compounds.

Organic foods are processed without the use of food additives as well as without the use of ionizing radiation. In animals the organic way of rearing them would be without the routine use of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Benefits of eating organic food

And because organic food is grown and processed by the most natural and organic means possible, the benefits they provide are countless. First of all, organic foods have lower residues that come from pesticides. With conventional pesticides not allowed in organic farming, harvests are usually free from the harmful effects of pesticides and are considered safer to consume than conventional food.

Some illnesses that many people experience today can be traced to the various chemicals that come with the cultivation and processing of conventional foods. Chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers can easily find their way into people’s bloodstreams and eventually affect normal bodily functions through the food that we eat.

Growing organic food is also considered as more environmental friendly. With pesticides and less fertilizers being used, organic farming helps maintain a cleaner and more safer way of growing the crops. Less pesticide can harm not only the plants but also the land in which it is grown.

Organic farming is also found to be more energy efficient than conventional farming methods. This might be due to less use of fossil fuel and machines that conventional farming might require to cultivate crops. By deciding to consume organic foods, people may not only choose to eat more nutritious and safer foods, they might also be doing their part for the environment by choosing to go organic.


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