Crying Baby

Why do babies cry? It is simply because they cannot speak or articulate what they need. Even if they can speak,they wouldn’t understand or be able to explain how they feel.

Reasons why babies cry

Babies cry for a number of reasons. Crying is basically their way of calling you out to say I need something or something’s wrong or I feel bad. Here are the most common reasons.

Baby is hungry – Baby might be crying because she’s hungry and is calling you to feed her a bottle of milk. Check the time. It might already be 3 to 4 hours since her last meal

Baby is tired – Look at you crying baby. See if her eyes are glassy and if she keeps rubbing them. If you notice that she has lost interest in her toys and the people – and if she’s yawning, the might be tired and wants to be put to sleep.

Baby is uncomfortable – Check her diapers. It is wet? Did she make a "poo poo"? Check her beddings. Are they wet? Baby might be feeling wet, cold, or icky. If your baby is arching her back while crying as if to distance herself from the source of her discomfort then maybe it’s time for a diaper change.

Baby is in pain – Baby might be signaling to you that he is in pain. Baby’s cries of pain sound shrill and rushed. It is usually followed by long cries. After which you baby appears to have stopped breathing only to start crying again. Check your baby’s entire body for signs of where she’s hurting. If you cannot find any and your baby is crying really hard then seek the help of physician.

Baby is overstimulated – Too many people crowding your baby can irritate her. As well as loud noises such as rattles and other musical noise. If baby suddely shuts her eyes or turns away, she is trying to block out everything around her. Maybe it’s time to end playtime for a while and get some peace and quiet in a peaceful room with soft blankies.

Baby is sick – When your baby’s cries are soft moans, perhaps she’s trying to tell you that she’s not feeling well. Take her temperature and consult your physician.

Baby is frustrated – Baby is past infancy and is learning to use her hand. Still uncoordinated, she feels frustrated when she can’t seem to out this or that part of a toy to fit. A little cry of frustration maybe a way of saying "a little help, please".

Baby is sad – When baby suddenly falls asleep in the middle of feeding., you immediately lay her on her crib. Suddenly she wakes up with a cry the moment she left your arms. baby could just be missing the warmth of her mom when hugged by her.

Baby is afraid – Baby doesn’t recognize that relative who’s holding her and starts to cry. She’s trying to tell you that she doesn’t know the stranger and is afraid. She wants to be with mommy. It takes time for babies to warm up to a person they just met. Introduce that unknown relative to baby slowly with baby in your arms at first.

Baby is bored – A whiny cry might mean you baby is bored. Try playing with her or giving her a new toy play with or a move in location or position might also be a good idea.

What to do if baby seems to be crying for apparent reason?

Carry your baby – a mom’s nearness and warmth can be very reassuring and can make baby feel secure

Nurse your baby – Mom’s nearness coupled with food might just do the trick

Put baby in motion – Baby’s like repetitive motion such as rocking and swinging. Notice how when parents pick up their child, they seem to have that dance-bounce-pat routing going on? That works for babies.

Turn some white noise on – Babies sometimes miss that odd sound of the womb – it is very similar to what you hear when you have a stethoscope on. A little bit of noise similar to that womb-noise can help children to calm down. These noises are called "white noise" – sound that is uniform and continuous. Heartbeat and static in between radio stations are a kind of white noise.

Put on some good music – Soft and peaceful music can be very soothing and calming. Thats’ what lullabies are for. Plus classical music is said to increase baby’s IQ, particularly those by Mozart. Try experimenting also with different genres of music. Baby just might have a favorite that she wants to hear.

Swaddle your baby – Baby misses that compressed warm feeling of being inside the womb.

Give you baby a massage – Babies like to be touched and stroked. It’s a good way to calm your baby, since they also like rhythmic motions – a gentle pats on the back or bottom is always good.

Give your baby a chew toy or something to suck on – Mommy’s breast is baby’s first pacifier. In case mommy readily feed her baby, give her something to chew on like a teething toy or her own fingers,a bottle or a pacifier.

Provide a nice distraction – Take baby out for a walk or introduce a new game or toy. A new activity can help baby become less bored.

It is also important to learn your baby’s body language. It is very advantageous on the part of the mom because she can anticipate what baby needs even before baby cries.


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