Managing Stress in a Relationships

The stress that we get pertaining to our relationship with people such as our family, friends and colleagues can affect us in many ways. Relationship stress may affect the quality and quantity of our work, ruin our family or rather our bonds with friends and colleagues.

As cliché as it may sound everybody have their own problems their own ups and downs and it seems like for every problem that we face it is not the discovery or the acceptance of the issue the toughest part but the process of coping up with it. The stress that we get might make us easily upset; lessen our ability to pay attention; disconnect ourselves from other people; fail to compose quality work and others.

Stress is everybody’s toughest enemy. It is for one reason that we are dealing with no one but ourselves. Whenever we suffer from constant worrying it is our self and not our friends who are suppose to condition themselves to move on and be happy again. The following are the most effective ways that we can do when under extreme and mild anxiety.

Recognize the Source of Stress

When one is suffering from stress if only means one thing. That person is on war. Knowing the cause of what is stressing us and acknowledging it gives us the opportunity to lessen the burden the issue is inflicting to us and at the same time we can already create a blue print that will set us free from the sordid circumstance that we got our self into.

In being familiar with terms of the source of stress we do not only have to check what the issue is but also the reaction of the people around us. Through this we will be able to know how to approach the person that we are having problems. At times the problem itself is not the only matter that we have to resolve. Remember that real life problems are not like your quarterly exams in grade school that after you answer and pass it you are all good. We do not only solve the problem we also heal what other people think about us. For in this way we lessen the probability of having another problem.

Be Calm, Alert and Respond Positively

Many of us act exaggerated when under stress. Many of us tend to shout at people, ruin something, making someone suffer and end up feeling more awful without solving anything. All of us do not want complications unfortunately complications are inevitable that when it comes we just have to take it as it is.

We may be very upset but it does not give us any license to make others feel or suffer our own sentiments. We may be very angry with our Boss but it does not mean that we are already free to shout at them. Hence, staying calm and alert all boils down in our ability to control our feelings.

Problems come and go away that is why we deal with it now dwell on it. Divert your self by thinking about happy thoughts, make creative works and always be sensitive towards other peoples’ need apart from yours. In this way you can function more effectively because you find peace within your self..

Reduce Stress

When having a problem mind not to put more pressure on yourself because in the long run it will not do you good. There are times wherein people blame themselves, put more pressure towards themselves because they did something wrong. But we must always realize that a problem is a problem that must be dealt with and when gone everything will be all right once more.

There are several ways in condensing the stress that we feel such as pressing on our round and soft stress relievers or hitting some punching bags. But then again, nothing beats the classic way called Interaction. Humans are social being. Although at times we do know what we have to do yet we do not do it yet for we are hurting. However, after talking to a couple of trusted friends or by praying, meditating it gives us this light feeling making us ready to face the battle again and winning it with your very own battle plan.