What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Our nails tell something about us. It tells us more than who we are as a person, our hygiene but more importantly our health. For well trained people namely doctors, they can easily tell on whether we are healthy or the other way around by the mere inspection on our nails.

Most doctors check their patients nail to make sure if they are healthy or not as it leaves a number of clue with regard to what is going on within us. Changes with regard to how our nails look like maybe a sign that one is having health problems. Anemia, Heart Disease, Obsessive Compulsive, Thyroid Disease are some of the diseases that one can detect.

Whitish nail beds may mean that one is lacking red blood cell count regular with people who has anemia. When a person’s nail bed looks thin, bowl-shaped and its ridge is seemingly raised he or she is suffering from an iron deficiency. A red nail bed means we are suffering from heart disease; persistent nail-biting and or picking means the person has Obsessive Compulsive disorder.

Checking our Health through our Fingernails

Fingernails may tell a lot about our state of health. Below is a table listing the most possible health problems that one may have after checking its fingernails.

Possible Medical Condition

Nail Appearance

Thyroid Disease

Dry, brittle nails that splits and crack easily

Hepatitis or other Liver Disease

White nails


Yellowish with a slight blush at the base of the nail

Kidney Diseases

The nail beds are Red


White or rather Pail Nails


Rippling or Pitting of the nail surface

Lung Disease

Clubbing or rapid increase of tissue around the ends of the fingers


Dark lines beneath the nail

Connective Tissue Disease or Lupus

Irregular red lines at the bottom of the nail fold

Nail changes rarely gives us clue with regard to serious illness. Yet again it is still rather helpful to know some of the common illness that we may determine by mere inspection.


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