Aerobic Workout with Weights

Some say that combining aerobics and weight training provide the best of both worlds. You get the fat-busting benefits of physical exercise in aerobics, while at the same time, your body gets toned with weights. Some claim that the combination of cardio exercise and body sculpting burns three times more fat than cardio by itself, thus giving the impression of more bang for the buck. There are even two ways to it.

Aerobics and weight training defined

Aerobics are activities that increase the heart rate and maintain it for 20 minutes. The best example of this is running, whether done on the treadmill or on the streets. Sports that require long resting periods or go in spurts like American football and tennis would not count as an aerobic activity in this definition.

Weight training, on the other hand, is the utilization of resistance equipment to help stimulate muscle growth and increase tone and strength. This is entirely different from weight lifting and power lifting.

By their powers combined

Remember when I said there are two ways to it? Depends on which program you follow, but there are different methods out there on how to juxtapose aerobics and weight training.

One way is to perform weights and aerobics on alternate days. This creates focus on which aspect to specialize in. One on session, you are burning calories. In another, your metabolism improves. At the end of it all, you have the two complimenting each other, thus enhancing the effects.

Another program is to perform pump aerobic classes. In this form of exercise, you are using weights while doing aerobics. This is supposed to maximize the effects of continuous movement with more exerted effort.

There is a similar program where the objective is to vary the intensity of the weights and the aerobics in different days so that the muscles would suffer from muscle confusion. Again, its purpose is to maximize the effects of the combined exercise.

That actually makes three although the third one is just a variation of the second program.

Tips and notes

For the ultra beginner, remember to start slow. It would not help if you start pushing yourself, lifting heavy weights from the get go. Acclimatize your body first then move up when you do not feel strain anymore.

Results vary depending on your current fitness level, consistency in training, diet, and overall genetics. So, do not lose hope if you do not see any improvement after a matter of time. In this kind of program, results usually show in other ways like developing body tone first before losing actual poundage.

Finally, remember to do the proper form when exercising so as not to injure yourself.


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