The Buzz on Coffee

coffeeYes coffee can be addictive yet again it is a drug that can give us a healthy lifestyle, diet and a good rest when properly used. There are already 19,000 worth of studies that has been performed with regard to the impact of coffee to ones health. According to the latest study that has been conducted, it was learned that coffee is mostly good than bad. This is what several researchers today wants to tell the world.

Coffee is full of antioxidants that prevents diseases, boost ones athletic performance, improve moods, reduce cavities and stop headaches. In addition to this is was also discovered that it can reduce the risk of having diabetes, colon cancer, liver cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, Parkinson’s diseases and gall stones.

The American Chemical Society announced recently that Coffee is the leading source of antioxidants in America. According to the study by recent scholars, a regular coffee drinker can reduce the risk of having Parkinson’s Disease by 80%, Colon Cancer by 25%, Liver Cirrhosis by 80% and Gallstones by 50%. Another study also stated that two cups of decaffeinated coffee may prevent the risk of having rectal cancer.

The reason for the Coffee’s superb quality is of evading sickness lies on its ingredients. It has quinines, magnesium, trigonelline and caffeine. As what everyone know, Caffeine can stimulate the nervous system which helps to boost athletic performance and fights fatigue.

Caffeine according to the experts in the Parkinson’s Disease Study helps to cure it as well as headaches. Magnesium affects the level of the blood sugar that lessens the risk of diabetes. And quinines on the other hand contains a lot of disease antioxidants.


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