Coping with Cat Allergies

Although we have heard of stories about people acquiring rabies from cat bites, these are usually rare cases and would not likely happen. In fact, it is more likely to contract a disease from another person than you are from your cat. You could even minimize the risk further just by practicing good hygiene such as proper and frequent hand washing, as well as common sense. You would not let yourself be bitten by a cat, anyway?

Getting Allergies from Cats

When it comes to getting allergies from cat, now that is another story. Some people tend to get allergic reactions near a cat, either because they have inhaled cat fur or the protein in the cat’s saliva. The degree of each person’s allergy can vary from a few sneezes to really severe inflammations in the respiratory tract.

Avoiding Cat Allergies

If you have allergies towards cats, you may not want owning one as a pet. However, if you insist on having a cat, get one that has a shorter coat, which are better for people who have had cases of sensitivity towards cats. You could also bring your cat to the local groomer as often as possible and have its coat groomed and brushed. You also need to bathe your cats regularly, even though cats generally hate the water. Clean and vacuum the furnitures frequently so that cat hair is kept to a minimum. Lastly, keep your cat out of your bedroom.

However, if you continue to develop severe reactions to your cat, consult an allergist.