Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

drinking wineAustralian, South African, American… there are many different wines from all parts of the world and the list of the type of wine available these days goes on and on. This type of drink has been well known world wide to be healthy for the heart. Yet again, just like the list of wines there is in the world their benefit goes on and on too.

Wine drinkers these days are growing. It was forecast that America alone will most likely edge out Italy and France with wine consumption in the near future. The following are a couple of facts to cheer you up and buy more wine to complete the day.

Memory Enhancer

Wine helps in preventing aside from heart diseases, clots and reduces inflammation in the blood vessel which is linked to the cognitive decline. According to the study conducted by the University of Arizona, School of Medicine alcohol provides and heightens the level of good cholesterol or HDL. This good cholesterol is the factor that aids in unclogging the arteries. It is also due to this fact that it was concluded that wine can preserve memory.

Heightens Immune System

The major cause of ulcers, stomach cancers and gastritis as per a certain British study is the bacteria with the name Helicobacter pylori. With regard to food poisoning however, it is the salmonella that causes trouble to people when they are subject to a contaminated food. All of those bacteria, sickness causing entity may be prevented from affecting one’s health by consuming even a half of glass of wine a day.

Burns Fats

It has been proven by several studies that alcohol does encourage one’s body into burning calories 90 minutes after finishing one glass. People who drink wine most of the time have a lesser amount of body mass than the ones drinking it occasionally. The one’s who drink wine moderately however usually gets narrow waist and gets less abdominal fat.

Develops Better Bones

Alcohol heightens the level of estrogen in a woman’s body. The said hormone slows down the destruction of the old bone more than it slows down the production of the new bone. It was in fact stated that the frequent and moderate wine drinker have higher bone mass.

Helps Evade Blood-Sugar Problems

The Harvard University, School of Medicine conducted a study with regard to the effect of wine on one’s blood-sugar. The study show that women who drinks at least one or two glasses of wine a day reduces the risk of having diabetes.


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