Health Benefits of Yogurt


Yogurt is a popular dairy product that is produced by fermenting milk using bacterial cultures. As milk ferments, its sugar,lactose, produces lactic acid that acts on milk protein to give yogurt is texture and characteristic flavor. Yogurt is an important a food product consumed by different cultures all over the world and has been considered so for at least 4,500 years.

Yogurt has made its way into many diets over the years and has been widely praised for its many beneficial effects on health. Yogurt has become so popular as a health food that it is now common to see them on most grocery aisles in supermarkets. Here is a list of the many wonderful benefits that consuming yogurt may provide.

Yogurt comes from milk.

And since yogurt is a dairy product, people eating it can also get the nutrients that are sourced from milk.

People may get the nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B-2 and B-12 by eating yogurt. Yogurt may even be a good alternative for people who are not so tolerant of lactose in milk products.

Lactose intolerance in people are brought by the lack of the enzyme lactase in the body, the enzyme that helps break down the lactose in milk.

Bacterial cultures in yogurt produce lactase that breaks down the lactose in the yogurt, making it favorable for people with lactose intolerance to consume.

Active cultures in yogurt aid the digestive system.

Yogurt contains a live culture of beneficial bacteria that may help keep the digestive tract healthy.

Yogurt encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria that finds its way into the digestive tract and aid in proper digestion as well as helps prevent the development of various gastrointestinal infections.

 The active cultures in yogurt may also help prevent constipation, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease as well as colon cancer.

Probiotic bacterial strains in yogurt may help boost the immune system.

Some good bacterial cultures found active in yogurt have been known also to help boost the immune system. As the active cultures in yogurt help change the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, it can help prevent the worsening of conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.

Some studies indicate that probiotic cultures in yogurt can help significantly lower the duration of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections especially in the elderly.

Yogurt may help keep weight under control.

In a study that tested the hunger, fullness and calorie levels in people, it was found that eating yogurt snacks resulted in higher fullness ratings and lower hunger ratings as compared to other snacks (which included consuming either, semi-solid yogurt, drinkable yogurt, a flavored dairy beverage or peach juice).

Eating yogurt as a snack may help people trying to keep their weight under control. Low in calories and rich in essential nutrients, yogurt really would help a lot in keeping one fit and healthier.