Reasons You're Not Having Sex

loversMany couple these days are living in a sex less relationship or rather marriage having sex for at least only ten times a year. This so-called phenomena has been rampant world wide these days compare to its occurrence during the year 1950’s and below.

Be it physical, mental and emotional health having a regular sex life is good for ones well being. Lack of time is not merely the reason for not having the right amount and more of having that intimate time with your partner. It may also be the bedroom, one’s being overweight and others. The following are useful facts on how to maintain a good sex life.

Drugs with Sexual Side Effects

One of the biggest reason why people resort into using oral contraceptives it for them to have a worry free sex. Yet again, research shows that some pills tend to affect its users sex drive. Pills contains estrogen that increases the production of a certain type of protein called SHBG or Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.

The production of SHBG sounds good however, according to Dr. Michael Krychman of Hoag Hospital in Newport, California this sort of protein affects ones partner’s sex drive as it traps testosterone. In this case it is recommended to inquire with your doctor about the sexual side effects the pill that you re currently taking or about to take. It is in this way that one may know if they need to resort to other contraceptives such as using a condom.

Weight Matters

Indulging into experimenting sexually with your partner adds spice with your relationship. Nonetheless, many women these days are not willing to try new things with their partner for the sole reason that they find themselves unappealing. The most immediate way in enticing your overweight man or woman is to complement him or her.

Tell your partner the sexiest part of his or her body that you love and from there help each other to look and feel good. We have to face the reality that physical appearance does matter. It is one of the major factor that boost our confidence. Do something about your physical appearance or rather encourage your partner to work on loosing some weight. It does not hurt to be sexy.

The Perimenopause Stage

Peri menopause is a stage every women gets to get themselves in prior to the menopausal stage. Most men loathe this span of time. It is during at this point in time wherein the estrogen decreases leading to one’s physiological change and is subject to more depression. The vaginal tissues become less lubricated which immediately gives pain.

Definitely, when the pain strikes the couple has to stop. Nevertheless, matters like these can be taken care of. Consult your physician with regard to your situation as there are already several solution with regard to the problems one may encounter during their perimenopause stage such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Pine Bark Extract.

Viagra 101

Several men these days be it a senior or a junior resort to erectile-dysfunction drug such as the very famous Viagra so to enhance their sexual performance. Yet what many men do not know is the physical and emotional dysfunction such drug may provide to their partner when used at the wrong time.

There are instance wherein th man is all up and ready to spend a very intimate time with his woman yet his partner needs more time to be up and running and be connected with him. At this certain situation, it is highly advised for me to spend a nonjudgmental sex talk outside of the bedroom about his woman’s needs and wants in bed.

Vibrator as a Part-time Partner

It is a ravishing fact that more women these days are very much into vibrators. For one it is so because its user can will their toys at the mode that they want in their convenience. Indulging into sex toys with your partner is not a bad option.

On the other hand it will be when one is already at the point of preferring it more than their other half. Several women has already been addicted to their toys. The solution at this point is either to talk to your partner about the said concern and resort into trying new moves in bed or seek professional help.

Always Sick and Tired

Most women suffering from having low sexual libido are found to have some endocrine problem such as thyroid disease. Such health problem is said to lead into extreme depression, fertility problems, exhaustion and menstrual dysfunction.

Yet of course constant tiring and sickness might not only be due to thyroid disease and work. There are several sickness that may affect one’s libido such as diabetes, arthritis, anemia and others. Constant and Regular check up is a must to every women.






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