Myths About Healthy Sex

couple in bedMost people get then too think that they do not have a good sex life. The big factor why people tend to get agitated thinking that they are not getting something good enough is also due to the idea that there is such thing as ‘perfect sex’ with their partners.

But the truth is, there is no such thing as ‘perfect sex.’ One does not have to have multiple orgasm to achieve the right amount of intimacy to keep the relationship growing and multiply orgasm alone is not the sole measurement for one to state that he or she just had a perfect sex. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised that you are getting a better sex life than the others do. The following are the common beliefs about sex that one must not buy into.

Sex at Least Three Times a Week

Do not get so much into the counting. Most couple with a great running relationship does not really have sexual intimacy with their partner that often and definitely not at least three times a week. What matters with partners is that both are getting enough sexual intimacy at their convenience. In case both are not having that much it is best to talk about it outside of the bedroom and express one’s concern with regard to it.

Both Must be in the Mood

It is not necessary for both partners be in the mood before actually engaging into any sexual intimacy. As what most people say, all it takes it the proper way of handling the machine or rather pushing the right buttons. Most couple tend not to have sex because one of then suppose that doing it is in a wrong timing.

Brush the said idea off because you and your partner mind find the right timing after two years from now. Start going out of your comfort zone by trying new location, new position and sexy videos. Yet again, when both or rather one one of you still is not building up the right amount of sexual libido it is advised have professional help.

Good Sex is Long and Slow

Not everyone can manage having a long sex. Yet again good sex does not need to be long and lingering. It also might take you and your partner a long time before actually having that instance to have a lot of time to be spent with sex. To get more excitement with your sexual relationship it is better to try something new for instance try have sexual intercourse in a different location, go for quickie from time to time and of course different positions.

The Best Perfect Sex is Spontaneous

The world today is more demanding with people than it is several years ago. Most of us lives in schedule that one cannot just afford to be spontaneous. Hence, sex due to spontaneity may also seldom occur. Face the reality. The best way to have good sexual intimacy for busy people is when they allow to enjoy themselves ‘alone’ on their days off.