Sex and Aging

A lot of issues surrounding sexuality are still not discussed openly. What is ironic is that we tend to talk about it as adults, but as we grow older the topic suddenly becomes taboo again, even between elderly couples. This gives an impression that older people are asexual or uninterested in sex.

But bear in mind that like many activities in life, sexual expression is highly variable. You can be more virile in sex when you were younger, but that does not mean that once you get older you do not deserve to have a pleasurable sex.

Understanding mature sexuality

The aging process involves several changes in your body, including your sexual response. Some men may notice that they take longer to become aroused and achieve erection. They may even have a softer erection. It may not be enough to stimulate the genitals by just thinking about sex, while direct physical stimulation of the genitals may require a longer time.

Some men may also find that the length of time between erections becomes longer as they age, or that the sensation of ejaculation and orgasm does not feel as powerful as it did. Ejaculation may also take longer to achieve, which can be seen as a good thing because that equals to more time in satisfying your partner.

Meanwhile, some women enjoy sex more as they grow older. Menopausal women no longer fear an unwanted pregnancy, giving them more freedom to enjoy sex with fewer consequences. She may also notice some changes in her vagina, as it becomes shorter and narrower. Its walls becomes thinner and a little stiffer.

How to stimulate sex as you get older

The desire for sex may be reduced as you get older, but that does not make you less sexually active. Bear in mind that sexuality is more than just focusing on the getting your penis erected. As you and your partner get older, you can find new ways to stimulate each other such as erotic massages, extended foreplay, reading erotic stories, or watching sex videos.

If you are experiencing difficulty obtaining and maintaining your erection, a lot of ways to help you deal with erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor about the possibility of taking medication, but if this is not suitable for you there are alternatives such as small urethral pellets, penile injections, vacuum aid devices, sex therapy, counseling, and surgical implants.

Meanwhile, women should feel that they are sexually attractive to their partners despite the graying hair or creeping wrinkles. There are also aids such as lubricants that would provide less friction during intercourse and even increase sexual pleasure.