Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is the other name for Teeth Grinding. Crooked teeth, Anxiety, over fatigue and stress are the common cause and it occurs when we are unaware of it which is more often than not while we are sleeping.

Unless you heard yourself performing some teeth grinding while you are sleeping there is no way that you are doing so except in some cases wherein your relative heard you doing so and told you about it. Constant headache and sore jaw are so-called Bruxism symptoms. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have yourself checked by the professionals such as your family dentist to check if there are any signs of teeth grinding.

Loosening of teeth, loss and fracturing of teeth, jaw problems, may worsen TMD and the worst case of all it may change the face of someone who does teeth grinding. No worries though because several professionals already did some medical strategy in order for one to stop doing so.

Consult your dentist with regard to the medical aid he or she can provide to you. Most dentist provide mouth guard to its clients to protect the teeth while sleeping. You may also opt to go through counseling, exercise programs and seeing a physical therapist to give you a muscle relaxant session.














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