What is Vaginitis?

Vaginitis is the symptom produced due to the inflammation of vaginal flora or normal vaginal environment has become unbalanced. The said symptom may occurred due to the change of menstrual cycle, pregnancy, douching, changes in diet, illness, medications, sexual activity, illness, bubble bath and exposure to some chemicals.

There are two common types of vaginitis namely Candida (yeast) ad Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). One will know if their vagina is healthy when its discharge is clear and it does not have an odor. Mind also that the vagina is not a very clean environment and it in fact even host normal organism such as lactobacilli that permits the vagina to have its acidic balance.

Symptoms of Vaginitis

Change of color and consistency of vaginal discharge, itching and burning, increased vaginal discharge and odorous discharge are some of the usual symptoms of vaginitis. Some women may have all of the symptoms of vaginitis and some may not have even one. It is then advised for everyone to constantly visit your doctor.

Diagnosing Vaginitis

Vaginitis can be diagnosed through the help of the medical professionals near you. An assessment with regard to your state will be conducted such as checking of the symptoms, reviewing of the past medications and other chemicals. There will also be a speculum exam wherein the vaginal discharge be checked for hypae and yeast buds innate with Candida Infections. Same procedure goes with Bacterial infections.

Vaginitis Treatments

This vaginal problem can be easily taken care of. Candida Infections can be treated through th use of intra vaginal creams that can be bought in health care providers within three to seven days. For Bacterial Vaginitis however, it can be cured also through intra vaginal creams, vaginal creams and gels within seven nights.

How to Prevent Vaginitis?

The following are helpful guidelines for women to prevent vaginitis.

  • Start limiting the usage of bubble bath
  • Avoid using tight fitting clothing such as pantyhose and spandex
  • Avoid using perfume and scented maxi-pads or tampons
  • Limit the time you spend wearing swim suits and working out clothes
  • Avoid or rather stop using crotch cotton underwear