Exercises to Help Your Back

Lower back pain, whether occasional or chronic, can be an unbearable experience. Some of those who suffer from back pain believe that it is best to deal with it by a simple bed rest. Even doctors used to recommend taking a rest in dealing with the pain, but now they believe that staying in a strict bed rest can actually make the pain become worse. It is better to attack the pain with the help of over-the-counter painkillers, as well as specialized exercises that will strengthen the back muscles.

Why should a person with back pain problems move around? The discs in the spine do not have much blood or neural supply wherein they get their nutrition. In order to have more blood flow into the disc, moving around such as exercising should do the trick. In contrast, a sufferer staying in a bed rest actually deprives his or her back with much-needed nutrition from the blood.

Here are some of the recommended exercise routines to keep your back strong.

Mild activities – Even the lightest of physical activities such as walking can actually relieve back pain. Patients who are suffering from chronic back pain can start their recovery process by taking a mile’s worth of walking.

Stretching – As the back pain decreases, patients can progress to stretching routines such as yoga. Stretching can actually strengthen the back muscles, which can help relieve the stress on the spine.

Relaxation exercises – If the back pain is caused by tightened muscles, training your body to systematically relax can also be helpful. Stress is also correlated with back pains, and relieving the stress using a combination of relaxation and exercise can help a lot in reducing back pain.