Nosebleeds in Children

Nosebleeds are very common and are usually not dangerous. Nosebleeds can look very scary. But they are usually not serious. They are messy and a bit uncomfortable. Here are some facts about nosebleeds.

Causes of Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds happened when those tiny blood vessels that line the inside of your nose break. These tiny blood vessels are very fragile and they are very close to the surface, which is why it easy for them to get damaged. Some common causes of nosebleeds are:

During winters the air inside your house is dry and heated which causes the inside of your nose to become cracked, crusted, and itchy

When you pick your nose or when you stick something up your nose

A cold or allergy which makes you sneeze, cough, and blow your nose

Other times, injuries to outside of your nose, your face or even your head can cause nosebleeds. If your were injured in those areas, you need to see a doctor right away.

What You Should Do If You Get Nosebleeds?

If your nosebleed is not caused by injuries and just started bleeding on its own, you need to:

Stand or sit-up. Don’t lie down.

Use a damp wash cloth (or tissues) to absorb the blood.

Unlike what you usually see on TV, do not tilt your head back. Rather, tip your head forward. Tilting your head back will cause the blood run down your throat.

Pinch the soft part of your nose together and keep the pressure on for 10 minutes (without stopping). You’re going to have through breathed through your mouth.

Ask a friend to keep an eye on the time. If after 10 minutes, your nosebleed still hasn’t stopped, pinch your nose again for another 10 minutes. If after that, your nosebleed still hasn’t stopped; your mom or dad should call the doctor.

Other Cases Where You Need to See Your Doctor

You need to see your doctors, when apart from injuries, you feel:

Dizzy or faint.

Your nose is bleeding to fast or if you feel you losing too much.

You just taking a new medicine.

You have other symptoms such as bruises all over your body.

How to Get Fewer Nosebleeds?

There are several ways to get fewer nosebleeds. For starters, don’t pick you nose to hard and do not stick thing up your nose. Also do not blow your nose to hard. If you have nasal allergies, you should see your doctor.

A dry and itchy nose is very tempting to pick. Picking you nose causes nosebleeds. To keep the inside of your nose moist ask your mom or dad to:

Use a saline nasal spray or nose drops about 2 to 3 times a day.

Place a small amount of a water-based gel (except Vaseline) on the end of a cotton swab. Carefully insert the swab into the nostril and gently apply the gel to the center wall of nose. Never insert the swab further than the cotton tip. You can also use your fingertip to apply the gel.

Perhaps your mom or dad can put a humidifier in your bedroom. Humidifiers send a fine mist of water into the air and this keeps the air from being too dry.