Sex Among Seniors

Our bodies change as we get older, and with that our sexual performance may no longer be as "agile" as our youth. We cannot fight back the time, because it is natural to age. The skin tends to become looser, its sensitivity decreasing, and movement may become more restricted.

We also experience changes in the hormonal level. Men’s testosterone’s levels gradually reduce, while women will go through menopause. Other physical changes due to medication and ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure directly affect sexual functioning.

However, that does not mean older people are deprived of a happy and meaningful sex life. There are many things people can do with their partners when it comes to intimacy and achieving erotic pleasures.

Keeping sexually active through the years

The secret to having a great sex life even as you age is how you keep your body fit. The healthier and fitter you are, the better your sex life will be. You can achieve this through regular exercise and yes, even an active sex life.

Having both of these helps you age more slowly, and an active sex life also produces chemicals in the body that helps us feel happy, enhance the immune system, increase lean body tissue, and thicken the skin.

Accepting physical changes as you age

What is important is that you and your partner should embrace each other’s physical changes, and you are willing to accommodate those differences whenever you are making love. Make sure both of you have plenty of time to get yourselves in the mood.

You may also want to try some sensual touching or an erotic bath. If you experience any sexual problems, you may want to consult your physician.

Sex does change as you grow older, but that does not mean it has to be less enjoyable. In fact, sexual satisfaction even increases with age rather than the opposite.