Beauty Treatment During Pregnancy

We women loves and wants to be beautiful at all times and most especially when we are pregnant. In fact, the majority of the beauty salons, manicure and pedicure and spa business is to cater to ‘us’ women needs. Yet again, most of us of course knows that some beauty regimens or processes may affect our pregnancy or rather out babies health. Kindly check the following guidelines so to make sure that we are doing just fine for ourselves and our baby.

Hair Color

Several women are wondering if it is safe to have their hair dyed while they are pregnant. To be honest, this question is hard to answer these days as there have only been a very limited research with regard to this matter. In the animal studies that has been done the results shows that hair chemicals cause birth defects.

Yet again, the reason why there has been such defects is because the animal was subjected to a huge amount of chemicals. There was of course a study on the human that has been conducted with results stating that it is in fact safe for us to cover our hair while pregnant. Most doctors however suggest for all the pregnant women to color their hair on the second or third trimester as the baby’s development happens during the first trimester.

Nails (manicure and pedicure)

For most women, having their nails done is a great way of relaxation. Having a manicure and or pedicure in a beauty salon can help a pregnant woman very much as it would be so hard for them to reach their toes and clean their nails themselves. In has been no strong evidence with regard to the bad effect of manicure and pedicure towards pregnant women so far which is also due to the lack of study.

Nevertheless, it is advice for pregnant women to have their nails done is an open area or a well ventilated place so that they will not be exposed to the chemical’s vapors for a long period of time. It is so because the chemical fumes coming from the nail polish, acrylics, wraps and others may make them feel ill.

Teeth whitening

Most pregnant women wonder on whether having their teeth bleached is safe. It is suggested for pregnant women to as much as possible avoid having their teeth whitened or rather bleached as effect of peroxide towards pregnant women which is one of the ingredients in teeth bleaching has not yet been studied.

Body care

Massage is very much good for pregnant women. This practice actually gives women a fantastic way to relax their aching, tired bodies. For women who are pregnant for more than 20 weeks on the other hand, it is advised not lie flat on your back but to prop a soft pillow or two under your right hip before you lie down.

Hot tubs and Saunas may be bad for both the mother and child when subjected to too much heat. There has been several evidences with regard to the matter that when the mother’s body temperature raises in the first trimester during the formulation of fetal organs it can lead to birth defects.