Nutrition Tips for New Moms

It is good to know the food pyramid or rather which is healthier and not much. Most of us mothers tend to feed our child with food that they do not like because it is healthy for them. But tell you what feeding our children to make them grow healthy does not have to be based on charts because charts alone does not raise a healthy child. It is a matter of knowing which food is nutritious with the likes of our child that conditions and making them growing in a good state.

Get your Kids Choose what they Want to Eat

Let your children have the freedom in choosing what they want to eat. On the other hand, you will still be in control by letting them choose food from the options that you are making available from them. It is through this way that you will still going to be sure that they will eat something healthy, keeping up with your budget and at the same time teaching your children how to be independent.

Say No to the Clean Plate Rule

Most of us are brought up under the "clean plate rule" wherein one cannot go out of the table until she finishes what is on her plate. This practice will not do good to your child’s body. Forcing a body to eat may only promote over eating. This practice alone is also one of the reason why there are many obese children in the world. Let them go out of the table and stop eating what’s on their plate when they are full.

Updating of Menu

Eating the same thing all over and over and over again can make some people have the less appetite from eating or maybe loss the appetite of eating at all. Change the food options from time to time and ask the opinions of the members of the family as well. This process will boost the member’s of the family’s excitement and at the same time make sure that your children will be eating something that they like and healthy.

Calories on Drinks Watch Out

We mothers must not only be careful with regard to the calories in the solid intake of our family but also with the calories in what they are drinking. Soda, Beer and other beverages contains extra calories. The best drink for our children are always milk and water. And with regard to juice we must always stick to the 100% juice drink and the quantity our children must have per day must be limited from four to six ounces a day only.

Have Some Sweets

It does not mean that since we want our children to have healthy teeth that we already have the license to deny them with any sweets. Having sweets are fine but make sure that is it served at the right time and with the right amount. Generally, kids are more into having salads, candies, chocolates, cupcake over broccoli and other vegetable salads. Nonetheless, always keep the balance in giving food to your children.