Exercises For Your Chest

ball push upSome men, even if they work out, consider their chest as a problem area because it end up looking flabby and, more often than not, mistaken as breasts. That is not because they are "stuck" with it, but rather they do not know how to beef up their pecs while getting rid off the fat wriggling on the chest. It does not have to do with overworking the chest muscles with grueling exercises. Although it would make you stronger, it does little to decrease the fat.

Combine strength training with cardio

The secret to sculpt your physique is to combine chest-building weight moves with fat-burning cardio exercise. As strength training firms up flabby muscles, the cardio will help you skim the excess fat that surrounds them. Throw in additional minutes into your cardio workout every week for even faster fat loss.

Warm-up first

A five-minute, low-impact cardio workout such as walking or easy cycling should get you warmed-up before getting on the more strenuous exercises.

Get started

Choose a weight that is heavy enough to challenge your chest muscles, but not so heavy that your joints feel strained. As you get used to the weight, gradually work your way up. Perform one to three sets of eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise.

One-arm chest press

Sit on top of a stability ball while holding a weight on each hand. Walk your feet forward on the floor and slowly slide back to lie on the ball. Continue shuffling until your head, neck, and shoulders are positioned securely on the ball.

Squeeze your buttocks and raise your hips to shoulder level, making a stable "bridge" position. Bend your elbows out to the sides, dropping them along the sides of the ball with palms facing each other.

With your abs slightly tightened, push you right arm straight up until it is fully extended but not locked out. Keep the palm facing inwards. Then, lower your hand back to your shoulder and repeat the procedure with the other arm.


Get down on your hands and knees, with palms flat on the floor. Walk your feet back away from your torso as far as you can and drop your hips, forming a diagonal line with your body from head to toe. Keep your core muscles tightened to stabilize your spine.

Then, slowly bend your elbows, pointing them out to the sides and away from your body. Drop your chest as close to the floor as you comfortably can, then push back up and straighten your elbows to return to the starting position. Try not to drop your hips as you do this exercise.

Chest flye

Roll up a small towel lengthwise. Lie flat on the floor with the towel tucked under the curve of your lower back. Bend your knees, feet flat, and hold a weight in each hand. Arms should be extended above your chest, with palms facing in.

Open your arms out to the sides, keeping them straight. Drop your arms as low as you comfortably can, keeping your elbows soft. Contract your chest muscles and close your upper arms to bring the weights overhead again. Remember to cross over the chest, not above the head and neck.

Ball push-up

This is similar to a push-up, only this time with your shins and top of you feet resting on a stability ball. Do this by resting your stomach first over the ball, then walk your hands forward on the floor while sliding your body up until the desired position is achieved.

Open your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width, with fingers pointing forward. Then, bend your elbows out to the sides and lower your chest to the floor, keeping your neck aligned with your back. Move slowly so you can maintain control with your legs on the ball. Move up slowly back to the straight-arm position, then repeat.

Ball chest press

Lie on the stability ball just as you did in one-arm chest press. Then, bend your elbows out to the sides at a 90-degree angle, with palms facing each other. Slowly push your arms straight back up and repeat. Remember to keep your core muscles flexed, avoiding the buttocks to fall down and misaligning your back.

Bent-over row

Stand while holding a weight in each hand, feet placed shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward. Lower your body into a semi-squat position, the upper body straight but leaning forward at a diagonal as your knees bend slightly, your hips lower and your buttocks pushes out to the back to keep your body weight in your heels instead of your toes. Hang both arms in front of your thighs and rest the back of your hands on your legs.

Keep your chin tucked and look down. Then, engage your abs and torso steady as you tighten your upper back muscles and slide your hands up your thighs and pull your elbows backwards, stopping just past your ribcage. Feel your shoulder blades slide toward each other and the muscles in the back of your waist tighten. Hold that position, then slowly extend your arms in front until you reach the starting position. Repeat.


If your heart rate feels high after doing this routine, cool down with another three to five minutes of low-intensity cardio.

Reinforce your diet

For faster results, cut calories in your diet by focusing on nutritious yet portion-controlled meals. Lay off the alcoholic and sweetened beverages as well.

Do the whole workout two to three times a week, with a rest day in between.


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