Working Out for Better Sex Life

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Yes. There is a way for someone to have a very good and better sex life. "If you feel good about yourself, you are in a better position to feel good about relationships, including you sex life." says the New York psychologist Karen Zager. Eat, Exercise, Relax and Sleep is the formula for the better sex life.

Eating Right

There has been no direct proven connection with regard to the effect of a balanced diet to bedroom performance. Yet again, research shows that illness can be a big hindrance for pleasurable intercourse. One reason why a person gets sick is because of what she eats. What she eats makes her too.

People with heart problems for instance, are afraid to die in the middle of being so intimate with their partner and one of the reason why she has a heart problem in the first place is because she eats so much. So then, Eat Right at the right place and at the right time.


Having a very good body, feeling and looking good is the best and the most natural boost for sexual intercourse. Having a good exercise makes our blood circulation even better.

Having a very good blood circulation means good secretion of hormones in our body and the most important outer instance to look at is that due to having a wonderful body we also tend to get a great confidence. This confidence stretches out to notion that we have the ability to reach orgasm and have a fantastic sexual satisfaction.


It is true that there is no direct relationship with having a good sleep and great sex a study has been made by the National Sleep Foundation or NSF and the results are saying that sleep makes their bedroom performance great.

According to the study people who lacks sleep of six hours tend to be stressed, sad and tired compare to those who gets a very good amount of sleep. Relaxing or sleeping alone makes our body go back into its normal, good state as it is our way in recovering our lost energy. Always take care of yourself.


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