Handling Embarrassing Body Problems

Sometimes, your body just won’t cooperate however you want it to. You’re in an elevator with the girl of your dream when out of nowhere you let out a gas that could rival the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs. Here’s another scenario: You’re presenting your project to a group of clients and then your overactive sweat glands suddenly produced a sea of perspiration, drowning your clients. These body problems can be so embarrassing you would wish to vanish right then and there.

You’re not alone

When you experience an embarrassing body problem in a very awkward situation, the first thought that often comes out of your mind is, "Am I the only one who have these problems?" It may lift your spirit a bit to know that such problems are common to many other people as well. There seems to be a problem, though. Finding out how you can prevent or deal with the problem creates more problems. For example, who are you going to ask for help? Are you going to call your doctor or talk to you close friends? Or, as what you’re doing now, search the Internet for information?

Handling the problem

Hiccups, burps, and growls. These problems are caused by a combination of an irritation to the diaphragm and gas. Anxiety has found to be one of the culprits for these problems. Experts say that swallowing lots of air happens when you’re anxious. You can prevent these problems by moderating your intake of gassy foods few hours before the time when you want to be at your best. Be careful of such cruciferous vegetables as broccoli, cabbage, and beans. Drinking lots of water and limiting alcohol also help.

Bladder leaks. Small leaks when sneezing, laughing, or coughing can be very embarrassing. If you have urinary incontinence or overactive bladder, there are treatments available. First and foremost, you have to regularly visit your doctor, to make sure that your problem won’t get worse. You can also do things on your own to treat your problem. Kegel exercises can tighten your bladder muscles, which are responsible for the urine flow. Also, try emptying your bladder before participating in any activity that may trigger your bladder such as dancing or exercising. You should also avoid cola, coffee, and tea, if you’re going somewhere.

Excessive sweating. Excessive sweating is pretty normal, especially when we’re doing exercises and other physical activities such as walking, running, or dancing. But it’s absolutely not normal to perspire excessively only in some situations that don’t require much activity. According to experts, stress triggers this problem. It can be prevented by conditioning yourself to face stressful situations. You can also avoid this problem by using an antiperspirant deodorant. Additionally, you have to avoid foods that increase heart rate: chocolate, coffee, tea, as well as spicy foods.

Cotton mouth. You have a cotton mouth when your mouth begins to dry, causing you to have difficulty in speaking and eating. It can also cause halitosis and the development of cavities. Cotton mouth usually occurs when you’re very tired or when you’re anxious. When you’re tired and nervous, shallow breathing and stress hormones slow down the production of saliva, causing that "cotton mouth sensation". So relax or drink a glass of cold water every now and then.