What is Cholera?

Cholera has been one of the major health treat in the world. Its first big epidemic record started in the United States of America in the year 1911. Yes the disease can be transmitted from one person to another yet of course there are ways for us to prevent it. Yes, cholera is already not considered as a major health treat.

What is cholera?

Epidemic Cholera, Asiatic cholera or simply Cholera is a very infectious gastroenteritis disease due to the vibrio cholerae which is a type of gram negative bacteria. The transmission of this disease happens when a person was able to consume a certain water or food with vibrio cholerae bacteria. Although cholera is already not considered as a major threat to health because we already know the cure for it this type of ailment must not be looked down upon because it is really fatal once you are inflicted by it. This sickness does not only make you weak but it will also make you look very ugly as it will make you look very dehydrated.

What are the symptoms of cholera?

Aside from it making you look so awful and older than your age as your body will really shrink. The span of the time that you will live is very much counted unless you subjected yourself from proper treatment. The progress of infection heightens within four to twelve hours. A cholera infected person may die within three hours without treatment. Nevertheless, death comes in within eighteen hours to several days.

Rapid pulse rate, abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea, dry skin and rapid dehydration are the common symptoms for Cholera. A simple paracetamol will not help you so make someone bring you to the hospital and fast in case you are suffering from the said symptoms because you might need an Oral Rehydration Therapy. The said therapy is the safest, effective, not complicated and affordable solution with regard to the said disease.

How to prevent cholera?

As cliché as it may sound it is true that prevention is better than cure. I would rather prevent something from happening to me than be in an awfully bad situation and do ways just to make myself out of it. The cause of cholera is originally formulated in the water. Hence to prevent ourselves from being inflicted by such awful disease it is best for us to sterilize our things treat our sewage and other water ways and lastly do purify the water before consuming it.