Facts On Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy refers to one’s being pregnant at a very early age which is around thirteen or seventeen years old. It also refers to conceiving a baby when she still did not reach the legal age of adulthood which is usually eighteen to twenty years old.

Early pregnancy has in fact many factors. In the early times and in other societies early marriage or rather arranged early marriage is actually performed hence the outcome of teenage pregnancy. There are places as well wherein engaging into sex is a norm that pregnancy is already not an issue no matter how your or old you are. Sexual abuse and Dating Violence can be a reason as well. But it is Poverty on the other hand is one of the over used reason why such situation occurs.

They say that it is so because of the lack of education or rather lack of entertainment. In most countries nowadays however, it is not the tradition, culture or being poor that is really the factor but the lack of contraceptive usage or rather engaging to an none safe sex.

The phenomenon of being pregnant at a very tender age has been a concern all over the world for the longest time. Such issue does not only have an effect on ones well-being but also in the society or the socioeconomic. In the developed countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom and others several social issues has occurred. For instance, the teenage mother suffers the risk of not having a good education, living a poor life and the burden of having a bad reputation.

The effects of being in such a situation are very much harmful both to the young pregnant lady and the young man who made the lady pregnant. And yes… the effect may be limitless as they live without the proper support coming from their respective families. Teenagers are merely starting to build their future. They are actually considered still as babies. They are not like their older counterpart who already has their degree, stable flow of income and others.

Although teen pregnancy may be avoided no one can do anything about it when it is already there. Some parents tend to shun their children who are in this situation away making these young woman or man lives harder. It is advised for all the parents to treat their children well and support them more. We can still secure our child’s future despite all of their short comings when we are able to still guide them and support them in the end.



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