How to Avoid Weekend Binging

You have worked your body hard all week, but you still find your weight increasing. You realize that it has something to do with your eating habits: you just could not stop binging, especially on weekends. You eat lunch on a restaurant on a Saturday, then going out again for a big dinner while nibbling snacks in between.

Your habit is no different the following day, eating while you watch your favorite television shows. Guilt begins to creep on you, and to cope with it you go back to your usual routine come weekday. This never-ending cycle will do you no good, which is why you need to eat healthy and enjoy the weekend without the guilt.

Never skip breakfast – Your first meal is the most important throughout the day. Breakfast jumpstarts your body that has been fasting all night. Skipping breakfast would only slow down your metabolism, depriving your body from burning calories and fat during the day. Make sure you eat a lot of protein and fiber.

Plan ahead – If dining out will become part of your weekend routine, make sure to bring some nutritious snacks like fruits, wheat crackers, and vegetables. This prevents you from ordering more dishes and in turn saving more money (not to mention keeping your body in check).

Eat healthy before going out – If you are about to go out, grab some healthy meals before to step out of the door. This keeps you full and avoids getting tempted into dining out.

Never deprive yourself – Starving never works. The secret to eating right is to eat what you want in the right portions. It is okay to treat yourself to a small piece of chocolate. Depriving yourself from eating the foods you like would only cause you to binge eventually.

Eat less when eating out – You may find bigger servings in restaurants a better value for money, but definitely not when it comes to how much extra calories and fat would be stored in your body. Ask the waiter if they also serve smaller portions sizes at a lower cost. If not, then bring half of the dish home.

Add your physical activities – Choosing to be healthy is more than just dieting and exercising; it is all about opting to get more physical than usual. For instance, choose to climb a flight of stairs instead of using an elevator. Take a long walk or a bike ride instead of taking public transportation. Not only does it make you feel better, but doing more physical activities can distract you from your cravings.

Drink a lot of water – Your body tends to misinterpret thirst for hunger. If you feel that you need to take a quick bite, drink a full glass of water first. Not only does it make you stay hydrated, it also helps in curbing your cravings.