Tips For Denture Wearers

Getting dentures might be a scary thought for some people. But is can be something that can be most welcome for people who may be suffering from some lack of proper dental function. Teeth loss is a common problem for many people today. It is a loss that quite a lot seem to regret because of poor dental hygiene in the past.

But getting dentures is nothing to be afraid about. What some people may fear is the feeling of embarrassment sometimes of being identified as having "false teeth". People must remember that the necessity of having dentures is more important than what others may say or feel about it.

Some people may not only have problems in getting dentures. They might also have to experience some time in trying to adjust having one. People getting dentures for the first time may feel a bit uncomfortable at first and may need to go through an adjustment period in order to give time for them to feel more comfortable in wearing a denture. Here are some tips that would help ease the period of adjustment to the new dentures.

Eating a hard candy helps. When the denture seems to make one feel "stuffed"in the mouth, sucking on a hard candy may help minimize the feeling of being gagged.

Expect soreness. When wearing dentures for the first time, some sore spots may develop in the soft tissues around the mouth. Eventually, the soft tissues will toughen up and the soreness will disappear. Mouth muscles will also feel sore sometime after wearing the dentures since it has not yet been accustomed to the use of different muscles that the mouth has been used to before. This, too will fade away after a time.

Practice talking alone. Wearing dentures for the first time may also affect how one talks. One may feel awkward at first talking with the dentures on. One way of getting used to it quicker is by practicing speaking or talking out loud alone or when reading a book. This would help make one quickly get accustomed to the new dentures while speaking.

Avoid eating sticky foods. Sticky foods can easily lodge itself into the new dentures that would add to the uncomfortable feeling. So much so when eating hard food items. For the meantime, try to avoid eating them in order to give you more time to get accustomed to the dentures first.

Avoid biting using the front teeth. When trying to bite food with the front teeth for the first time with dentures on, one will feel that the dentures might seem to be pulling out. This is usually the case when one is not yet accustomed to biting using dentures. Avoid using the front teeth for biting during the first few weeks to avoid this from happening. Once the adjustment period has passed, one would be able to bite effectively using one’s front teeth and not feel the dentures from pulling out.


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