Introduction to Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21. This health problem was named after the British doctor who first explained it in the year 1866 Doctor John Langdon Down. Down syndrome is said to have occurred due to a disorder in ones chromosomes.

It can be identified at birth or even during the pregnancy of a woman. When everything or a part of an extra 21 chromosome is present Trisomy 21 takes place on someone. More often than not the said health phenomenon is related to the damage of the physical growth such as a person’s facial appearance and cognitive ability.

Most people with this syndrome tend to have an out of the usual physical features. For instance, almond shape eyes due to an epicanthic skin fold in the corner of the eyelids, shorter limbs, very poor muscle tone, protruding tongue, up slanting palpebral fissures, enlarged tongue near the tonsils and a big space between the big and then second or preceding toes.

The most awful part with this health issue is that the people suffering with it has a very high risk in having heart problems, ear infections, thyroid problems, broad head, round face, obstructive sleep apnea, gastroesophaegeal reflux disease and mental retardation with IQ from 50 to 70 mild and 35 to 50 moderate range. It is like buying a set of health disorder on sale at a store.

The development of judgment by children with Down syndrome is remotely visible at first glance. Unlike other disabilities or health problems that maybe prevented or cured easily when one has been inflicted by it this syndrome is a matter that one and the people around the person who’s suffering with it has to deal with for a very long time.

 It is not feasible to assume the capability of an individual with the said health problem by birth and not even by the way one look physically but through the person’s full development as the time pass by. Success at matters that one loves may be guaranteed with someone with Down syndrome including school.

It is always best to give aid to the people suffering from this health problem. And the best way to aid them is to makes things easier for them to do and encourage them to make the most of themselves.