Age Is All In The Mind

When one approaches the twilight years, there seems to be a sort of dread in the hearts of most people. People seem to think that age will bring about a host of limitations and a decreased capacity to enjoy life. But because of these so-called limitations brought about by aging, some myths have began to crop up and become accepted as facts. Here are some of those common myths.

Sickness and disability come with old age

Due to aging, people tend to believe that they will grow old sick and in bed most of the time. But this is not true for most of the time.

Aging doesn’t need to put one sick and disabled. Taking care of one’s health early on would help prevent people from going that path.

Because of a number of medical advances through the years, more and more people belonging to the senior population are able to enjoy a healthy and more active lives.

Older people can’t learn new things

Another myth that most people seem to believe, it hinders even the elderly themselves to try out and learn new things. But on the contrary, old people still have the capacity to learn new things.

Although the learning curve and memory might diminish a bit, that doesn’t mean that old people are not capable of learning.

Age can make one less productive

This may not be totally true. Although age will bring about certain physical limitations when it comes to doing things, old people do not necessarily become less productive. It can be a matter of putting them where they can contribute the most.

Physically demanding jobs may surely not work well with old people. But they would not be any less productive when given a job that relies more on experience and mental capacity.

Old people no longer have interest in sex

It might be a surprise to most people, but sex after old age is still possible. It might even surprise people to know that more and more seniors are even enjoying better quality sex than ever.

First of all, age diminishes sexual capacity because of diseases as well as an unhealthy lifestyle. But old people do not totally lose their interest in sex. They still will crave for the intimacy and the emotional satisfaction that they may get from it.

Even old people still do want to engage in sex and there are now many ways provided by medical advances through the years to allow them to do so.

Becoming old should not be able to limit seniors from being able to do what they still can just because of myths about aging. Age is all in the mind.

When the brain thinks that it is still strong and willing, the body usually follows. More and more seniors should try to have that mindset that they are not getting older, only better.


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