How to Deal With Your First Period

It is normal for young girls are anxious about getting their first period. They worry that everything might go wrong for them. Don’t worry girls, here are a few things that you can do so the onset of your first period won’t go so bad.

Be Prepared

Being prepared will definitely help you avoid some major first period hassles like where to get a pad, stained clothes, etc.

If you are around the age when girls normally get their period, it would be a good idea to keep a sanitary pad in your bag, purse or locker. Not only will this help you avoid the problem of having to look for a store to buy pads (if you get your get your period, in school, or some other place), it will help you avoid feeling awkward asking, say the school nurse for a pad. You may also want to stock a change of clothing in your locker or your bag. In case of cramps, it is also a good idea to pack some pain relievers.

If you’re feeling anxious about getting your period, talk to your mom, or an elder relative or a friend you are comfortable with. Tell them that you want to be ready for the day. They can also help you prepare the things you’ll be needing.

Talking to your doctor when you come in for a checkup is also a good idea. He can tell just by looking at you how far you have developed. More importantly, he can estimate when you’ll get your first period.

What to do when your period arrives unexpectedly?

What if your period happens, say, when you’re at school. What do you do then? Don’t panic. First things first, get what you need first – a pad. Go to the school nurse or the school counselor. It is normal to feel shy, but remember that they’ve encountered these kinds of situations many times before.

Simply say "I started my period today and I don’t have my supplies." Or if you do not want to talk to a male teacher or counselor, say "It’s a girl thing". He will get the message and find a female teacher or school staff who can help you.

You may need to call your mom (or your dad, if your mom is not around), even though you received the help you need from the school staff.

What to do if your clothes get stained?

First periods are usually not heavy so it is likely you’ll know what’s going on before your clothes get stained. But in case this happens, and you do not have extra clothes in your bag or your locker, you should talk to a school staff. Tell them you need to talk to your parents to bring you clothes. In case someone in class asks why you changed pants/clothes, just say you spilled something on your pants/clothes.

In a worst-case scenario, if you do not have extra clothes in your locker or bag, and if the school cannot contact your parents, you can take your jacket, or borrow from a friend, and wrap it around your waist.