Sex and Senior Couples

A lot of things changes when people age. Senior couples especially have to deal with the changes and it can be quite challenging. The change may also affect a senior couple’s sex life. But it may not be the type of changes that other people may have in mind.

Sex Vs Intimacy For Seniors

Although age may bring about changes in sexual activity, intimacy for seniors may become even more special and valuable than ever. It seems that although sex may fade away as people age, the intimacy that is shared between senior couples doesn’t follow the same route.

That is why an increase in a sex life of more intimate quality is being seen among senior couples. It is no longer about the physical senses anymore, sex life becomes more of the emotions and feelings being shared.

Health and Sex

Because people age, it might be impossible that senior couples to experience some limitations in their sexual activity. Health seems to play a big part in this. Poor health can actually help impede the ability of senior couples to enjoy a better quality sex life. But advances in technology and research may be able to help resolve problems that might do affect sex life during the senior years.

Diseases and other health conditions may bring about sexual dysfunction in seniors. Diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure may hinder sexual activity in senior couples. Physical conditions such as impotence and vaginal dryness may also become reasons why some senior couples no longer engage in sex.

What senior couples should know is that such conditions should not impede senior couples from enjoying sexual pleasure. Although age may bring about a diminished capacity for sex, the body may still be able to perform sexually and enjoy emotional satisfaction from it.

Help For Senior Couples

There are now a variety of way that would help senior couples to enjoy their sex life even at such an age. There are now medications and medical aids available that may help improve a couple’s capacity to engage in sex.

For women, there is hormone replacement therapy that may help ease the symptoms that menopause may bring such as vaginal dryness which can make intercourse too painful. There are also vaginal lubricants available over the counter that may help senior women ease vaginal dryness in order to enjoy sex.

For senior men, the most common solution seems to be the drug Viagra. One of the most prescribed medications in the US, Viagra helps increase the blood flow to the penis and enable it to have and sustain an erection.

There are also penile pumps available that may also help do the trick. Senior couples may also try to add in using certain herbs known to promote erection, increase erection in men or aid lubrication in women.


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