Sex During Pregnancy

One of the questions expecting parents usually ask is can they have sex during pregnancy. The answer is yes. Couples can have sex while mom-to-be is pregnant. However, there are some things to consider.

Sex during pregnancy

Your sex life need not change because of pregnancy. Do not be afraid that your baby will be harmed if you have sex or if you had an orgasm. Your baby is safe in the uterus surrounded by amniotic fluid.

However, you should not have intercourse if your doctor advises against it. Also, if you have a history of miscarriages, your doctor may advise that you refrain from having intercourse in the first few months of pregnancy. Also, if you have pregnancy complications such as bleeding or pre-term labor, you might want to ask your doctor for some ‘limitations. This is because different complications require different restrictions.

Comfortable sex during pregnancy

Depending on how far along you are, there are ways to be comfortable during intercourse. You can try different positions to find the most comfortable one for you. Around the fifth month of pregnancy, you may start feeling dizzy and/or nauseous while lying flat on your back as a result of your growing tummy (your uterus) pressing on major blood vessels. Again, you may have to try new position to avoid this.

You may need to use water-based lubricants during intercourse.

When you have sex, you should not feel pain. When you have an orgasm, your uterus will contract. But if you experience contractions that are painful, stop having intercourse and call your doctor immediately. If your water breaks or, if you have a bleeding, go to your doctor as soon as possible.

It’s important to have good communication during these times. Communicating will help you better understand each other’s feelings. Tell your partner your concerns, especially issue regarding safety and comfort. Encourage your partner to be open to you as well, especially if you feel his responsiveness has changed.

Changes in sexual desires during pregnancy

A change in sexual desires during pregnancy is common. Some women have increased sex drives during pregnancy. Others feel their sex drive go down. Either way, the cause of these changes in your sex drive is your changing hormones.

Usually, during the first three months of pregnancy, some women have lower sex drives because they are tired and uncomfortable. For others, their sex drives remain the same as before they got pregnant.

How to keep your partner happy?

If you lose interest in sex or, if your doctor advised you to don’t have intercourse, find a other way to express love and affection. In the first place, your growing baby is created out of love. You can give each other back rubs or massages, or have candle-lit dinner.

How soon can you have sex after giving birth?

You can start having sex again when your body has healed and when you’ve stopped bleeding. Also, it depends if you and your partner feel that you are comfortable already.

Your doctor may advise that you wait to have intercourse until after your first postpartum appointment.

A lot of women experience vaginal dryness or lack of vaginal lubrication after giving birth. You can opt to use water-based lubricants to ease the discomfort.

Breastfeeding women’s cycles are sometimes delayed, meaning their ovulation and menstruations are delayed. Still, ovulation will occur before you start having your period again. This means that you can still get pregnant. Ask your doctor for a recommendation on the best birth control method.