How to Treat Acne

A pimple or acne, is a skin disease that develops due to the blockages in follicles or the changes that happens in our skin. Another reason for its existence is also due to the change in magnitude of sebum production and the enlargement of sebaceous glands.

Notice that when the pores enlarge and when it is clogged by dirt, oil and others foreign elements the skin tends to develop black heads, white heads or the common acne mostly refer to as acne vulgaris or pimples.

Everyone gets acne from time to time

It cannot be evaded but it can be controlled. A terrible acne problem wherein the face is already covered with pimples needs the help of a dermatologist. For occasional acne however, it can still be managed by ourselves through the following helpful tips.

Do Not Pop the Pimple

The usual reaction of someone who has a pimple is to pop it. It is alright to pop a pimple but not when it is still premature. A pimple is mature when the yellow puss is already about to burst out of the covering skin. Breaking an acne at its premature stage may cause skin infection or for a cyst.

The Acne Surgical Procedure

When the acne is already on its mature stage and you are already ready to take it off be yourself you have to be mindful of the following procedures. Wash your face and your hands. This is to make sure that the oil, makeup, bacteria and other germs are already gone or rather far away from the acne. Prepare a Needle, a bottle of Alcohol and a Gauze.

Clean the needle and your hands with alcohol first hand before popping the acne. Dry the Acne with some Gauze before pricking it. Once the pimple has been popped place two squares of gauze on both side of the acne and apply pressure on the skin so to take off all the puss inside the pore until the clear liquid or blood appears.

The acne is gone when the blood or white fluid ooze outside of the acne. Lastly, Clean the Acne with Alcohol through using a Soaked Gauze Pad. Cleaning it will take off the germs, bacteria around the treated pimple area.