Having Pizza The Healthy Way

pizzaPizza is an iconic food in the United States, and even in different parts of the world. Although it has a lot of healthy ingredients such as tomato sauce and herbs, the meats, cheese, and the dough made from refined white flour spells "health risk" all over the pizza.

Not to mention the more than the usual dollops of oil on top of it. One slice of pizza usually has at least 300 calories, making four slices almost equivalent to your daily calorie needs. However, you can still enjoy that pizza while keeping your health in check.

Eat a green salad first

Aside from ordering a pan of pizza, be sure to include a bowl of green salad to your restaurant meals. Have a bite on those veggies first so that you feel fuller before indulging on the pizza. This minimizes your cravings for more slices of pizza.

Eat just one slice of pizza

As said earlier, a slice of pizza contains at least 300 calories, which is quite enough for a full meal. To keep yourself from getting tempted from eating the whole pie, only order pizza when you are eating out with family and friends so you can share the slices with them.

Make your own healthy pizza at home

If you want to have a healthy pizza, make your own at the comfort of your home. Choose whole grain pizza crust, use lots of tomato sauce while cutting back on the cheese.

Tomato sauce is an excellent source of a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, while even though cheeses is rich in calcium, it is also loaded with calories and saturated fat.

Also, do not use processed mates on your pizza such as pepperoni and sausages. These are high in fat, and are also associated with stomach and colon cancer. Instead opt for low-calorie lean chicken meat or shrimp as your topping.

You could also ditch the meat for your very own vegetarian pizza by adding sun-dried tomatoes, onions, broccoli, spinach, olives, peppers, and mushrooms.