Are Chocolates Bad for You?

chocolatesDifferent people have different opinions about the temptation that is called chocolate. Some say it is good for you, while others claim that too much chocolate can be bad for you, whether in form of a tooth decay or even joint pains.

How chocolate is good for you?

A 3.5-ounce serving of chocolate a day may be good for your health, especially the dark varieties. Dark chocolate-the bitter, close-to-pure chocolate-contains antioxidants that fight cell aging. However, many types of chocolate treats and candies usually have high amounts of sugar and fat that may add unwanted calories to your body.

Chocolates also naturally contain some interesting chemicals. For instance, xanthine can make a person feel jittery much like caffeine, while theophylline can stimulate the central nervous system as well as relax the lungs and blood vessels. Maybe that is why students tend to study while eating chocolate. Additionally, phenylethylamine in chocolate reproduces the feeling of being in love, so maybe a chocolate bar may help soothe a broken heart.

Chocolate and joint pains

An obese person may blame too much chocolates for his intense joint pains, but there is no scientific evidence connecting this sweet treat to damaging the joints. Being overweight, however, would cause pressure on the joints. Also, some people could be allergic to some ingredients in a chocolate bar that can cause some joint swelling.

Chocolate and addiction

Do not take it literally when someone says chocolate is like a drug because it is addictive. For one, chocolates are not drugs and are not habit forming. However, chocolate loves usually enjoy the flavor and the feeling of chocolate melting in their mouths. This can be considered as an "emotional attachment" rather than addiction because they use chocolate as their comfort food.