Buying Inexpensive Organic Food Products

You have decided that your family will be going "all organic" when it comes to food. Choosing organic food products mean that you are opting for produce and livestock that are free from pesticides, hormones, chemicals, human waste, irradiation, and preservatives that can harm you and your beloved family members.

However, choosing a healthier alternative to food does come with a hefty price tag. Do not fret if your budget could not afford to go all-organic because you can also consider buying organic for some foods.

Prioritize buying organic meat, dairy, and eggs

These three food groups are on the top of the food pyramid. You only need a few servings of each every day, so these do not demand most of your spending.

Unlike produce that can be removed of pesticides by simply peeling or cleaning them properly, there is no way to remove or reduce the contaminants in meat, dairy, and egg products.

Replace produce with high levels of pesticides

There are actually different pesticide levels in every produce. Foods that take longer time to grow before harvesting usually have higher pesticide levels, while foods that are high in sugar content tend to attract pests and are sprayed more frequently.

Try prioritizing the purchase of organic versions of crops that are prone to high levels of pesticides such as apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, nectarines, imported grapes, peaches, pears, potatoes, res raspberries, spinach, and strawberries.

Buy organic for your children’s favorite foods

Kids three years old and below are notorious for choosing the same foods everyday. If they like fried chicken, they would insist on eating fried chicken from breakfast to dinner.

This unusual eating habit, however, is part of your child’s development which is why you need to put your child’s favorite food on top of the "organic foods to buy" list.

Take advantage of discounts or low food prices

Like all other food products, organic foods in season are priced lower than usual and are also offered in coupons. Take advantage of these deals and save some money yet getting your organic fix.

Buy private label

Some supermarkets offer products that carry their own name in the label. These products are called "private label" and are usually priced lower than conventional products. If your local supermarket has a private label for organic foods, seize the opportunity.

Buy in bulk

Do not be intimidated when buying products in bulk, as these are actually more affordable than packaged foods. Many kitchen food staples such as pasta, cereals, nuts, and spices, are sold in large containers and are priced at a per-pound rate.