What Is Body Wrap?

In general, body wrap is a treatment used so to make ones bodies lose weight fast through vasodilatation. Vasodilatation is the act of widening of blood vessels due to the relaxation of the vessels’ muscular wall. This act however, is triggered through the use of plastic wraps or ace bandages wrapped tightly around the body.

Today, the body wrap just like the rest of the world has already a lot of changes. The treatment nowadays is already not about bandaging one’s body tightly but most likely about covering one’s body by some substances such as lotion, cream, mud, clay, seaweed, algae and others for twenty minutes.

It is also due to this new form of making things done that the treatment get to have new names such as body mask and body cocoon.

The Benefits of a Body Wrap

There are two types of Body Wrap. One is the type that detoxifies and the other is the type that softens the skin. The materials that will be used are seaweed, mud, clay and algae in a certain treatment; this is the type of body wrap that detoxifies the body through metabolic stimulation. The skin softens however, when the materials that will be used for the hydrating treatments are rich lotions and shea butter.

Minutes of the Body Wrap

It is through exfoliation that the process of the body wrap treatment begins. Exfoliation is being done through either salt scrubbing or dry brushing. The body is wrapped up by a professional massage therapist who usually will massage while applying the product. The material used in the treatment will be staying in the body for twenty minutes. It is only after that span of time will the product be rinsed through a Vichy shower or a hand held shower.


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