Workouts With Baby

These days it’s all about giving a head start. You see it in preschools, daycares, etc. Now, there are baby workout classes where babies get to mingle with other babies and parents get to break and sweat – yet also have fun with the little tots. These workout classes are particularly attractive to parents who are into exercise and who want to have this healthy activity ingrained early on.

Workout routines

Classes and "Gymborees" are held in a small room filled with mats as well as a number of other baby equipment.

As a warm up, babies get to toddle all over the place. After the warm up, the instructor will lead groups of eight babies and their parents to a series of activities.

The first of the activities was to have the kids roll balls at each other. Being kids, they sometimes can’t catch the balls and start to cry. But according to the instructor, kids just need time to adjust. Eventually they’ll be laughing and giggling. The kids then proceed to go down a makeshift slide in a big silver saucer.

The next activity is hit with the little tots. The instructor blows bubbles from a wand and the kids would follow the bubbles. These activities would go on for about 30 minutes. The Classes end with songs. The alphabet song is a favorite among the little ones.

For the less sporty parents, they feel that the activities at these classes are things that they can do at home. Some feel that they can just stay in and spend some fun time with baby.

Also, with regards to interaction with other kids, some parents feel that their tots can just mingle with the neighborhood kids rather than rush in the mornings to these classes.