How to Avoid Night Time Stains During Your Period

As if having a monthly period is not troublesome enough, what with cramps, sensitive breasts, awful mood swings, headaches, and what not, we worry about getting stains on out underwear, pants, skirt, shorts and of course our sheets. Staining usually happens when we sleep and are not conscious of our movements. But fear not, we can avoid staining bed sheets.

Things to do

Start by knowing your cycle. If it’s not set, know what time of the month it usually comes, like if it comes on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th week of the month.

If you sleep less than eight hours a night, try using a tampon with a pantyliner or a pad.

If you want to feel covered, use two pads. Put the first pad a little towards the front and the second one a little towards the back. Or you can place the two pads in such a way that you form a letter "T". Place one the way you normally would, and the other one perpendicularly. And if you really want to be covered, you can use a third pad right in the middle.

If multiple pads don’t work, use diapers. Yes, diapers. Diapers provide all around coverage so your sheets should be safe.

If you don’t like wearing too many pads, you can wear another pair of underwear over your first.

You can opt to put your pad near the front of your panties and sleep on your stomach.

If you’re comfortable, try sleeping on your side.

Protect your our sheets

To protect your sheets, you can also try putting some old towels on top of your bedsheets so if you have a leak, it will go to the towel and not on your sheets.

Use old sheets, old clothes and old, inexpensive underwear when it’s that time of the month. Or if you have stained clothes you can use them too, whenever you have your period.

If you want to avoid having rashes, you can actually sleep with a bare bum by sleeping on old bath towels. This can also help prevent rashes, infections and skin irritations.

You can also put wee-wee pads on your bed. Wee-wee pads absorb moisture on the top layer and have plastic on the bottom. Wee-wee pads are available at your local pet store.

Use dark colored underwear, pajamas and sheets.

If you do get stains on your sheets, there are several ways to get rid of them. Use hydrogen peroxide on the stained area. But be careful how you use them because can bleaching. Dilute every part of peroxide in 2 pars water. You can also use milk. If you prefer just water, use cold water. You can also add salt to the water.


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