Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Bearing a child in pregnancy can be a joyful experience. You regularly visit your doctor to make sure that you go through a safe pregnancy. It is during those visits you get to hear your baby’s heartbeat, making you realize that it is a whole new life that you are carrying. Although carrying a baby is a happy time in a woman’s life, this is also when something they dread happens: gaining weight.

Should you gain weight when pregnant?

No matter how thin or fit you used to be, you must gain weight when pregnant and never mind what other people would say about it. Blame it on the Western media and its twisted view about beauty that transcends even during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who are clinically overweight still need to gain a minimum of 15 pounds, while women who are underweight need to gain between 25 to 35 pounds, and that’s on just a single pregnancy. Mothers who are expecting multiples should gain even more weight.

Why gain weight during pregnancy?

Keeping your weight while pregnant would only deprive you and your baby of good nutrition. Women who remain stick thin during pregnancy tend to have smaller, sickly babies who require more hospital time and have a higher incidence of health problems, including neonatal death.

What happens with weight during pregnancy?

A lot of women would notice a slight weight gain during the first trimester, usually about four pounds. Some of the additional weight is water, which is needed to help your baby grow. As you lower your activity levels, you get to gain a bit more weight up to about ten pounds during the first trimester. The majority of the weight gain would happen over the last two trimesters, usually about a pound a week. It is also common for some women to experience a stoppage of weight gain at the very end of pregnancy. If you gain several pounds a week during your pregnancy, you need to consult your doctor for potential changes in your diet.

How to gain weight properly during pregnancy?

Remember the notion that you should "eat for two people" when pregnant? Well, not necessarily. You should only add up to 300 calories to your daily diet, but what you eat should really matters during pregnancy. Make sure that your diet is filled with nutrients, avoiding junk foods laced with fat and sugar. This means you need to snack on fresh fruit instead of a candy bar. You could also add some cheese to your crackers.